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Tips for Evaluating Cloud Providers

Whether you’ll be storing valuable business data or family photos from a recent once in a lifetime trip, you want to be able to trust your cloud service provider (CSP). Even though cloud storage has become a common way for people to stop worrying about having enough space, or losing their information to a freak […]

Using a VPN Can Benefit Your Company

The need for a secure working environment online has pushed many entrepreneurs and companies to invest in safer ways to run business processes. Among other data security measures, virtual private networks (VPNs) make it possible for one to have a safe/encrypted connection thus protecting your data from hackers and unauthorized access. Running your business behind […]

The Advantages of Using Google Apps for Work

We live in a technological age where most people could not imagine a time when they did not have all of their information at their fingertips. Between our mobile phones, working in the cloud and available applications, it seems as if we are constantly connected. This constant connectivity has been a convenience for some. For […]

The Benefits of a Cloud Service

The term cloud services is very, very broad and can also be used to describe professional services. Cloud computing has a ton of desirable benefits and for both the business and the end user. The benefits include the fact that it is self-provisioning. This means that the end user can spin computer resources to help […]