Tips for Evaluating Cloud Providers

Whether you’ll be storing valuable business data or family photos from a recent once in a lifetime trip, you want to be able to trust your cloud service provider (CSP). Even though cloud storage has become a common way for people to stop worrying about having enough space, or losing their information to a freak accident, there are still issues that need to be addressed. And just because a company provides cloud storage, doesn’t mean it’s worth using.

Here are some tips on how to evaluate cloud providers, and to choose the right one for you or your business.

Level of Security
It can’t be stressed enough that the first thing you want to evaluate with cloud providers is their standard of security. How well prepared is the CSP in regards to keeping your information safe?

If you plan on using the cloud for business solutions, it’s critical that the company guarantees tight security.

Over the years there have been numerous scary breaches which involved big companies like Sony and Equifax. You’ll feel much better knowing the provider you choose is always on top of the latest security measures.

Controls and Tools
Just like you get different platforms for building websites, each having some unique benefits, different CSPs platforms will be the same. A package is offered to you, giving a certain amount of control and tools to use within the cloud, and you have to make it work.

Any CSP that fits your needs should offer extensive control and tools to help you make storage as efficient and straightforward as possible.

Practical Evaluation
More and more businesses are switching to cloud storage without taking into account how it will fit with their company dynamic. As much as cloud storage offers a great solution, there are several problems which can creep in.

And if you choose a provider that can’t make the cloud storage practical to the everyday needs of your business, you’ll be seeking an alternative very quickly.

The last thing you want is to struggle with problems when you should be running a business. In fact, cloud storage is supposed to make things less stressful.

Get Behind the Cloud Agenda
After visiting a couple of forums and reading a couple of articles, it should become clear what type of focus a particular CSP has. For example, do they first focus on keeping all info in the cloud safe and secure? Or, are they more worried about providing perfect transitions between their business and yours?

If you can get behind the CSP’s business objective, you’ll know whether they’re the company for you.

Get References
Last but not least, read a few cloud storage reviews and ask people you know who currently use them. Are they happy with their choice? Have they used other companies in the past, and why did they make the switch?

Yes, it sounds like you need to jump through a lot of hoops when choosing the right cloud provider, but other than getting a VPN, this may be the most important thing a company does. And with all the valuable information you’ll be storing, do you really want to take unnecessary risks?